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The Slipper Room Players Company Profile 

The Slipper Room Players is an independent film production company dedicated to producing high quality art house films with a strong emphasis on production values, intelligent storytelling, and New York City themes.   The company was founded in February 2012 as an offshoot of the Slipper Room, a Variety theatre in Manhattan that has been home to the downtown performance art scene since 1999 and has a strong international reputation.  Accordingly Slipper Room Players is tapped into a large pool of talented artists; actors, designers, musicians, technicians who all share the same do it yourself mentality and love for the process.  Its first feature film THE CRUEL TALE OF THE MEDICINE MAN, completed for release in 2015, showcases many of New York City’s underground stars.  The Company is in pre-production now for it’s second feature film. 

James Habacker

James Habacker produced, wrote, and directed the Slipper Room Players first feature film release, THE CRUEL TALE OF THE MEDICINE MAN and oversaw every detail of the production.  He is also the founder and Artistic Director of the Slipper Room.  He has produced, written and performed in thousands of Variety shows, numerous plays, and an operetta.  His Slipper Room performers travel around the world entertaining and have transformed what started out as a neighborhood thing into a world-wide phenomena.  He is currently at work on two more scripts and he and his team intend to continue to make films that highlight the downtown Manhattan scene, while drawing on themes that encompass the larger human condition.

Camille Habacker

Camille Habacker is co-founder of the Slipper Room and the Slipper Room Players.  She is an actress who has performed in innumerable plays and Variety shows, and is a principal in THE CRUEL TALE OF THE MEDICINE MAN She is slated to play a starring role in the Slipper Room Players second feature film, Camille is responsible for promotions and distribution.

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