What are your hours?

Doors open at least one hour before the start of the show. Our Sunday night variety shows and Tuesday night stand-up shows start at 9pm, Wednesday and Thursday night variety shows start at 10pm, Friday and Saturday night variety shows start at 9:30pm. For all other shows check the web listing for times.

Where can I purchase tickets for a Slipper Room show?

Tickets for all of our shows are available here on our website. You can guarantee yourself admission to any of our shows by purchasing tickets in advance, just click on the tickets icon for the night you have in mind.
Tickets are also available at the door on the day of the show. Tickets at the door are cash only.

Can I get a reserved seat?

There are reserved seats available for all shows at the slipper room except on Friday and Saturday nights. On Friday and Saturday nights we have limited seating to make room for a larger standing audience. All tickets are general admission, seating is first come first serve and usually fills up within half an hour after doors. For large groups or special occasions that need to happen on a Friday or Saturday night, we recommend you consider coming as close to the 8pm doors as you can, grabbing seats and having a social hour with your friends before the show starts.

Can I pre-purchase tickets for the Midnight show?

We only sell Midnight show tickets at the door, as capacity allows, but you can guarantee admission to the Midnight Show by purchasing tickets for the earlier show, as they will be honored no matter what time you arrive.

How long are the shows on the weekend?

Doors open at 8pm. Shows start around 9:30 and run continuously all night long, 45-50 minutes of variety then a 15-20 minute Go-Go intermission. There are two full casts, with the second cast taking the stage at midnight. Once you're in you're welcome to stay as long as you like.

Do you offer special packages or group rates?

The Slipper Room is founded on the principal that quality live entertainment should be available for everyone who wants to experience it. Consequently, our ticket prices are some of the lowest of any New York City theatre. Because of this we are unable to offer any special packages or group rates.

We’re coming for a special occasion; can we get some extra attention?

If you’ve come for a special occasion, our MC’s are usually willing to give the celebrant a bit of extra attention, if you approach them nicely. It’s customary to tip them for this service.

Do you serve alcohol?

We have a full bar, the drink prices are reasonable for NYC, and there are no drink minimums.

Do you serve food?

We do not serve any food, but there are lots of great restaurants right in the neighborhood.

Can we bring in a cake or other food?

No outside food or beverage is permitted in the Slipper Room.

Is there any age restriction?

The Slipper Room is a 21+ venue, unless otherwise specified.

Is there a dress code?

No, we do not have a dress code, but it’s always nice if you make an effort to dress your best.

Can I take photos at the show?

Yes, but please do not use your flash. No tripods permitted.

Is there parking available?

On street parking is available, but be sure to check the signs as they can be intentionally confusing. For example, if you are seeing a show on a Wednesday night, watch out for signs that say “No Parking Midnight Thursday.” There are several garages nearby. The closest is on Essex between Houston and Stanton streets.

I am having a hard time buying tickets with a foreign credit card?

The only two ways that we are set up to sell tickets for our shows are online through Ticketfly, or at the door for cash on the night of the show. If your credit card charge with Ticketfly is not going through, I can suggest that you kindly follow the directions below. Ticketfly uses a security database called Global AVS or Real Time Address Verification to authorize credit card payments. The address provided on the order form must match the address on file with your cardholder, in this database; otherwise, the transaction will be unsuccessful. While Global AVS is most popular in the US, banks all over the world use it. If your country's postal code is less than 5 digits, you may want to try adding zeros to either the beginning or end of your postal code. This frequently works for Australian and Brazilian customers. If your card issuer does not participate in AVS, your transaction will not be successfully completed using Ticketfly. Alternatively, we suggest using a pre-paid card sponsored by a major credit card company. You will need to register the address online prior to using the card. Please follow the instructions on the back of the card. If you find that you are still unsuccessful then you can call Ticketfly Customer Support at 877-987-6487 for more assistance. Alternately, you can email us to let us know the date of the show that you plan to attend and how many people will be in your party, and I will alert our doorman to expect you. You will need to pay for the tickets in cash if you buy at the door. We take credit cards at the bar, but not at the door.