The Slipper Room stage is 15 feet wide by 12 feet deep. The height of the stage to the catwalk is 17 feet.

The catwalk has various points of rigging, ideal for silks, trapeze, hammock, rope and chain performance.


The room has 4 speakers at the front of the room (2 on each level) and the same at the back.


We have 4 wedges for onstage mixes with 2 side fills on stage.


For music events we can supply

26x XLR cables
8 guitar Leads
4 on stage wedges
6x Sm57 Mics
6x Sm58 Mics
1x audix D6 Mic
2x Beta 87A Mics
3x power strips
2 straight mic stands
7 boom stands
5 music stands
1 guitar stand
4 DI boxes (3 stereo, 1 mono)
20 stage inputs
4 monitor outputs
Drum kit pacific cx, snare, please bring own cymbals
8 stage wall power sockets
1x guitar amp Yamaha Thirty 112
1x bass amp crate 165b
Allen and Heath GLD 80 Mixing board

Professional theatre lighting system (color LED and hot lights)


Please outline in an email what you would need to use so we can allocate the time for setup prior to sound check.
Also send info on stage plot so we can get the stage as ready as possible for sound check.

We only use in-house technicians for events which also run the lighting for the show


For room hire

or call (212) 253 7246 and leave a message


Please click the images below for a selection of photos of the Slipper Room space.