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Mr. Choade, the director of The House of Choade, a Grand Guignol theatre, has made an evil bargain with the Medicine Man, who has promised to help him make an artistic leap. A young girl, Linda, who has just been released from a mental hospital, gets a job performing at the House of Choade and becomes embroiled in these machinations.

Linda's ex-girlfriend Roxy re-connects with her and attempts to save her. This film, a dark comedy by first time director James Habacker, was shot in Manhattan and features many luminaries from the downtown performance art scene centered around the Slipper Room.

One of the festival


- Travelanche

- New York Times

Entertains the hell out of those those willing   to go along for the ride.




& Variety







An Interview with Slipper Room owners James & Camille Habacker

A brief history of the Slipper room and inspiration for the movie.


Gal Friday

as The Waitress

Veronica Habacker

as Pandora

Lincoln Habacker

as boy in cage

Todd Beers

as Paul

Jo Weldon 

as Linda's Mother

Emily Shepherd

as Roxy's date

Bradford Scobie

as Sir Richard Castle


The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man

Cast and crew list


The Players (In order of Appearance):

Lefty Lucy as Kitty

Gal Friday as Cocktail Waitress

Arthur Aulisi as Clyde

Camille Habacker as Ms. McGuffin

James Habacker as Mr. Choade

Matthew Holtzclaw as Magician #1

Albert Cadabara as Magician #2

Carla Rhodes as Ventriloquist

Cecil Sinclaire as Ventriloquist Dummy

Kenball Zwerin as the groper

Velvet Crayon as Koala with a Knife

Mat Fraser as Sealboy

Ula Uberbusen as Scarlet

Oakley Boycott as Squishy

Cara Brennan as Cherry Poppers

Jillian McManemin as Linda

Veronica Habacker as Pandora

Julie Atlas Muz as Julie

Adam Krandle as Evil Hate Monkey

Todd Beers as Paul

Stormy Leather as Roxy

Bunny Love as half man half woman

Jo Boobs as Linda’s mother

James Kenny as Linda’s father

Joe Coleman as The Medicine Man

Lincoln Habacker as Boy in a Cage

Emily Shepard as Roxy’s one night stand

Whitney Ward as Woman Sprayed with Blood

Cheeky Lane as Dead Performer #1

Rosabelle Selavy as Dead Performer #2

Anna Neidermeyer as Tara

Lil Miss Lixx as the Nurse

“Big” Mike Zimmerman as the Attendant

John Goddard as the Mental Patient

Tony Notarberardino as Dr. Geiger

Venus Notarberardino as Dr. #2


Mr. Choade’s knife act performed by David “The Great Throwdini” Adamovich 


Self Created Performances by

Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey

James “Tigger” Ferguson

Pinkie Special

Bambi the Mermaid

Ekaterina Snarkina

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Lynn “Bunny Love” Gathright

Julie Atlas Muz 

Sarah “Sarah Screams”  Mostov


The band

JC Hopkins

Matt Parker

Dylan Shamat

Sincerely Yours

Kenball Zwerin

Mat Fraser

Pianist for opera singer: Kyle Motsinger






Crew list:


Written & Directed by James Habacker


Songs and Sermons of the Medicine Man by Joe Coleman


Produced by James Habacker


Director of Photography Sergei Franklin


Edited by John Goddard & James Habacker


Assistant Director John Goddard & Nickel Dakota


Production Designer James Habacker


Production Manager Rebecca Baron


Music by The Candy Shop Boys

        Greg Garing

        Danny Biondo

        Brian Fisherman 


Choreography by Julie Atlas Muz


Story consultant Richard Lovejoy


Casting by James Habacker


Costumes, Hair & Make-up

Rachel Garreau, Anna Niedermeyer, Lyn Gathright, James Habacker

Candace Henderson, Kelley Coleman, Erica Hernandez


Set Dressing Joe Coleman, Whitney Ward, Diva Haase


Set Builders Derek Brown, Juanita Cardenas


Camera Operators Sergei Franklin, John Goddard, Tony Notarberardino


Focus Pullers Marcos Herrera, Jose Martinez


Sound recording Melina Greene & Joe Watson


Gaffer Jose Martinez


Best Boy Christian Cobo & Andrew Jernigan


Grips and Electric

Raymond Choi

Paul Costa

David Finn

James Griffith

Jin Huang

Nathan Maulorico

Colm Mooney

Onorio Perez

Derek Stalley



Production Assistants

Renata Daoud

Erikson Jaquez

Andrew Maddock

Steve Peluso

Justine Rivera

Ricardo Vaca

Michael Wheeler


Color Corrections by Malika Franklyn


Sound Engineering by 

Travis Fodor

Devin Visslailli

Joe rogers

John Goddard


Visual Effects by Gotham FX, Loren Alliston, James Habacker

Digital Visual Effects by John Goddard


Title Design by John Goddard


House of Choade posters by Adriano Moreas 


Still Photographer Sam Keller, John Goddard


ON                   ON DEMAND OCT 15th

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